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CACE Goals

Specifically, the Center has established the following tasks:

  1. engaging broad inter-college scientific collaborations (Geosciences, Science, Agriculture and Life Sciences, School of Rural Public Health, and Engineering) with policy research (Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy, Bush School), approaching atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, and policy on the basis of interdisciplinary methodologies, enhancing collaborative and concerted opportunities in atmospheric chemistry research within Texas A&M University and also with Texas industry,
  2. increasing visibility of Texas A&M atmospheric chemistry research to funding agencies and policymakers,
  3. encouraging/facilitating broad participation of Texas A&M scientists in state and federal air quality initiatives, facilitating interactions between A&M scientists and national/international scientists and government agencies,
  4. providing mechanism for outreach to the public and to students, and
  5. providing the coordinated impetus to make Texas A&M a recognized leader in the field of atmospheric chemistry.
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