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About CACE

The Board of Regents of Texas A&M University established the Center of Atmospheric Chemistry and the Environment (CACE) on March 28, 2003. The center was created under the direction of the Vice-President for Research. One of the most important objectives of the center is to provide the highest quality information based on laboratory results, fieldwork and calculations relevant to sustaining the environment and maintaining air quality. The latter is particularly concerned with providing accurate information to predict the formation, transportation and mitigation of air pollution from the molecular to regional scale using state-of-the-art modeling capabilities.

Center members are from participating faculty from the Colleges of Engineering, Science, Geosciences and the Institute of Science and Technology for Public Policy, The Bush School, with associate membership from faculty from the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Architecture and other units of the university.

The faculty members affiliated with the Center have participated in various teaching, research, and service activities. The Center has facilitated the recruitment of faculty, graduate students, and post-docs to TAMU in atmospheric chemistry and related fields, enhanced interdepartmental faculty interactions including joint faculty appointments, established multi-use observing facility for atmospheric chemistry field campaigns locally, national, and internationally, enhanced inter-departmental and inter-collegial faculty research, and forged national and international collaborations and activities. The Center has persistently pursued interdisciplinary research opportunities, and such an effort has lead to successful proposals funded at the University, State, and Federal levels. There are currently eight undergraduate and graduate courses offered in the area of Atmospheric Chemistry at TAMU. Another high level of research accomplishment by the Center affiliated faculty members is reflected by publications in top-tier and high impact journals.

Other professional activities of the Center include successful organizations of several workshops and symposia, including a symposium "Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality in Texas: Challenges and Opportunities" in 2010 to discuss the current status and future directions in atmospheric chemistry and air quality research in Texas, and to explore broad collaboration among the research communities both inside and outside the state, the 2011 International Year of Chemistry (IYC) "2011 IYC SYMPOSIUM ON STRATOSPHERIC OZONE AND CLIMATE CHANGE" on November 7-10, 2011 in Washington D.C. (, and the 2013 American Meteorological Society's Robert A. Duce Named Symposium "Air-Sea Chemical Exchange: Impacts on the Atmosphere and Ocean".

CACE, by nature of its participant membership, has been multidisciplinary from the start and  is always interested in improving its infrastructure and enhancing its capabilities, including collaborating with universities, creating industrial interactions and participating with other institutions. If specific topics of particular interest or aspects of our program require additional information, please contact us.

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