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Administrative Organization and Center Governance

The Center governance includes an Internal Advisory Board, an External Advisory Board, and an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee of the Center consists of the Director, the Associate Director, and two representatives from each college with extensive participation in the Center, and one from the ISTPP, George Bush School of Government and Public Service. The representatives are chosen by participating members within each college. Individual representatives may designate replacements for individual committee meetings. The Chair of the Executive Committee is elected by the Executive Committee, and needs not be a Director.

Internal Advisory Board

Dr. Glen A. Laine, Interim V.P. for Research, Chair
Dr. Kate C. Miller, Dean, College of Geosciences
Dr. Joe Newton, Dean, College of Science
Dr. Arnold Vedlitz, Director of the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy, Bush School
Dr. M. Katherine Banks, Dean of Engineering, Research

External Advisory Board

Peter H. McMurry, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
A.R. Ravishankara, Director, NOAA, Member of NAS
Robert Harriss, President and CEO, Houston Advanced Research Center

Director, Don Collins, Professor Atmospheric Sciences
Associate Director, Simon W. North, Professor, Chemistry

Executive Committee

Executive Committee: R. R. Lucchese, Professor, Chemistry (Chair)
Eric Petersen, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Qi Ying, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
D. Collins, Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
Shari Yvon-Lewis, Professor, Oceanography
J. W. Bevan, Department of Chemistry
A. Vedlitz, Associate Executive Dean George Bush School of Government and Public Service

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