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The Center affiliated faculty members teach a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses as part of their teaching responsibilities to their home department and University. Currently, there are eight undergraduate and graduate courses offered in the area of Atmospheric Chemistry at TAMU. Undergraduate students have been provided with training opportunities to participate in research mentored by the Center affiliated faculty members, and graduate students have been provided with research opportunities with the Center affiliated faculty member as the chair of their graduate advisory committees.

ATMO 363: Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution
Descriptive introduction of the composition and chemistry of natural and pollutant compounds in the atmosphere; transport, cycling and reactivity of atmospheric material; atmospheric measurements, data processing, air quality and human health issues; air pollution trends and climate change. Prerequisites: CHEM 101 and 102 or approval of instructor.

ATMO 463: Air Pollution Meteorology
Problems of air pollution in our global atmosphere; environmental cycles; waste products in the biosphere; atmospheric pollution; natural concentrations of atmospheric constituents; pollution sources; atmospheric transport; pollution sinks; effects of pollution; monitoring and surveillance; and management of air quality. Prerequisite: ATMO 335 or approval of instructor

ATMO 602: Principles of Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
Integrated treatment of fundamental aspects of physical meteorology and atmospheric chemistry; ultraviolet and infrared absorption and emission; radiative transfer; cloud and precipitation microphysics and thermodynamics. Prerequisite: ATMO 601.

ATMO 606: Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
Fundamentals of atmospheric chemistry; tropospheric ozone, NOx and HOx cycling, sulfur chemistry, stratospheric chemistry, and aerosol composition; analytical measurement methods; review of chemical basics as needed.

ATMO 613: Advanced Atmospheric Chemistry
An advanced survey of fundamental atmospheric processes involving biogeochemical cycles, air pollution, tropospheric chemistry, atmospheric aerosols and stratospheric chemistry. Prerequisite: ATMO 606.

CVEN 607: Engineering Aspects of Air Quality
Characterization of air contaminants; health effects and legal aspects; dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere; technology for the control of gaseous and particulate emissions. Prerequisite: CVEN 311.

NUEN 677: Aerosol Science
Multidisciplinary survey of methods for describing aerosol particles and systems: gas kinetics and transport theory, formation and growth thermodynamics, electrical properties, coagulation, light scattering; selected topics from current literature. Prerequisite: Graduate classification in engineering or approval of instructor. Cross-listed with MEEN 677.

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